A sock is a sock

A sock is a sock…

No! With Extra Point, there’s so much more to it.

As a start, it’s a big deal that every custom pair of athletic socks we manufacture is from the finest 100% pure American cotton. Why? Because it’s the perfect sock fabric - light years ahead of polyester and anything else around. Then, odor - as you know - is a biggie when it comes to feet. Our athletic socks are odor-resistant, environmentally sustainable, and hypoallergenic rolled into one. Also, the cotton industry supports American farmers and creates jobs right here in the USA. Any negatives? Zero. 

But that’s only half of the Extra Point story. Our designs are nothing short of dazzling! We can customize them specifically to your style, fonts, colors, logo, tagline - and bulk-ship anywhere you want it, always on time. We make our athletic socks to fit your flexible lifestyle from the office to the gym, attending events, and back home again. Even competitors admire our striped socks line-up.