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For every athletic step you take

Our 100% American cotton socks have got your feet covered



With a million socks out there, why us?

Because we craft our classic American custom athletic socks with simplicity, functionality, and comfort top-of-mind. Our uniqueness formula represents the difference that’ll make a world of difference to the way you walk, run, and move through life. 

Who likes Extra Point the most? No one knows how to work harder than the people who are willing to put in a little sweat equity.
It takes someone with guts, creativity and passion- they're not afraid of getting their hands dirty or taking risks if needed- like us. We strive to deliver small-batch originals that meet the needs of those who demand nothing less than yarn-to-finish USA-made, ultra sock luxury. Oh yes, and active cushioning beyond anyone’s expectations.

About Us

A sock is a sock, is a… 

No! With Extra Point, there’s so much more to it.

As a start, it’s a big deal that every custom pair of athletic socks we manufacture is from the finest 100% pure American cotton. Why? Because it’s the perfect sock fabric - light years ahead of polyester and anything else around. Then, odor - as you know - is a biggie when it comes to feet. Our athletic socks are odor-resistant, environmentally sustainable, and hypoallergenic rolled into one. Also, the cotton industry supports American farmers and creates jobs right here in the USA. Any negatives? Zero. 

But that’s only half of the Extra Point story. Our designs are nothing short of dazzling! We can customize them specifically to your style, fonts, colors, logo, tagline - and bulk-ship anywhere you want it, always on time. We make our athletic socks to fit your flexible lifestyle from the office to the gym, attending events, and back home again. Even competitors admire our striped socks line-up. 

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Our customers’ few words speak louder than a thousand from us

“Extra Point was a pleasure to deal with. Aside from their unique styles, the service is prompt, and customer support is second to none. If you want a corporate gift to remember, you can’t be in better hands.” Jennifer P - PR VP - Ajax Corp.”

“For me, it was love at first sight, a range of custom athletic socks for the ages. When it came to customizing my order with our signature logo and colors, Extra Point is tops. I can’t recommend them more highly.” Jack S - NYC


Striped socks were the perfect gift for my son at college. He’s highly active, so comfort is vital, but style is still number one. Ezra Point’s cotton socks were great on both counts.” Jeremy L - Miami